At Dental Development Center, we strive to care for all of the children at our office, including those with specialty need that require hospital dentistry services. Our dentist and team visit the hospital once a week in order to provide dental care for patients who are disabled, very young, or medically-compromised. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Martin J. Moore if your child needs to receive hospital dentistry in Florence, Kentucky.

Like its name suggests, hospital dentistry involves dental procedures and treatments which we perform in a hospital setting. Though our dental practice is equipped with all of the equipment and materials needed for providing children with quality care, we visit the hospital once a week in order to serve young children or patients who are medically-compromised, have disabilities, or require specialty dental treatments.

There are many reasons we visit a hospital for special needs patients. For one, young or anxious children are able to relax with sedation and general anesthesia. This is especially important if they require long, comprehensive treatments. Additionally, we are able to work alongside medical professionals in a hospital, which allows us to aid medically-compromised or disabled patients with the safe care they need to stay healthy. If you want to learn more about our hospital dentistry services, then simply call one of our team members today.